Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snowstorm's Diary

Today my head was spinning as fast as a spinning top!

It was our first concert (we wanted to make an impression!) and we had only practiced twice. However we couldn’t postpone the concert; many fans had been waiting for ages! So we got up (extremely tired) and drove to the concert.

As we got there, many fans were screaming and cheering at us. That made us even more worried and we ran (as fast as our legs could carry us) out of the limo into the back door.

By the time we changed into our costumes, it was time to perform! My heart was beating as hard as Flora’s drums. We started out great, singing and playing our instruments. The rest of the performance was a big blur and all I now remember is bowing and leaving.

Although I do remember the disco, it ended so late (4:00am)!

I hope our next concert will be more prepared!

I’ve got to go; I am so tired from the concert.


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