Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snowstorm's Biography


Snowstorm (real name: Sydney Adams) entered the world on the 2nd April 2000, crying and kicking, in New York. Her loving parents, Arianna and Steve, knew right from the start that their baby had talent. Little did they know their child would grow up to be a rock star at the age of 15!

Sydney’s mum was a fashion designer. She helped her mum design outfits and was a natural. Unlike any normal parents, she was also in a band called Fire and Ice and her dad was a professional guitar teacher! Both her parents grew up in America and both went to Hollywood Arts (performing arts academy).

At the age of 3, she joined preschool (ABC Nursery) and met Laura, Flora, Izzy AKA Isabella and Seleste (her mums band mates’ daughters!).Sydney was an A+ student but at a parent teacher conference her teacher (Ms. Spellman) made her parents worry. She told them that Sydney kept on hiding every playtime. The next day, her mum shadowed her daughter at preschool…What she found out was that Sydney was very keen on music and especially singing (most of her friends even called her Singing Sydney!). Her mum found out that when she hid during playtime, she was sneaking her hairbrush with her and locked the door and started singing. Ms. Spellman was very relieved and decided to let them (her BFF’s) preform in front of the class just for her! Laura played the electric guitar, Flora played the drums, Izzy played the keyboard and Seleste and Sydney sang (just like their mums!). Although they were very musically talented, they were also mischievous and sly and always got into trouble!

Sydney was already very talented at the age of 4 and got her own xylophone for Christmas! That influenced her to learn the piano and started playing in kindergarten. She grew up liking the fresh air and taking long strolls. However, she didn’t have much time because of her passion for music. In elementary school (West High), their schedule did not include music so they took additional lessons after school (including her piano lessons). She was such a fast learner that she could play all kinds of songs and Sydney’s piano teacher, Mr. Wright-Note, exclaimed, “Right when she walked into the classroom I knew there was something special about her!”

They had the most falling outs in grade 4. One time they didn’t speak to each other for a whole month, but they forgave each other at the end.

All 5 of them graduated West High with good grades and got accepted into Hollywood Arts (Performing Arts Academy). Sadly, they all had very busy days and by the time they finished all their lessons it was the end of the day! One day they even slept there because they ended super late. Not surprisingly, their music teacher was extremely impressed and moved them up a level!

After graduating university, they carried on with their musical career and continued making up songs. A few years later, they launched their first and most popular album and song (Fire and Ice).They have still been together for quite along time which is why they achieved the ‘The Longest Lasting Award’!

Surely the world can’t wait for more of their awesome songs!

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