Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ice C's Diary

Excitement woke me up this morning. I was so scared and excited for tonight. I performed to myself for an hour. Later I called my band and they came right over to practice. After wards I felt exhausted. Our songs were going to be performed tonight. Today was definitely the day

Arriving at the concert was amazing. Our boss was sick so I was the leader for tonight. I chose that we should take a helicopter and skydive off! Every-one would be amazed!

Our landing was perfect. The crowd went wild! It was thrilling! The audience had dressed up so weird! This one guy had dressed up like a woman; tutu, tights and all! Something flew past my drummers face and hit me smack in the head! I came in at the right time. I started. All my nervousness went away. Lights. Smoke. Audience chanting. It was all too much! My eyes closed behind my shades. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t see our hear anything. Still I kept going.

I woke up later that night and my band members were grinning widely at me. I could not speak. One of my band members seemed to realise that. “Don’t say anything.” She stated, “just listen.” It turns out those light and smoke made me blackout near the end of the song. I kept singing though I was blacked out. At the end I fell on my knees and the crowd went wild!

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