Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lava's Diary

Today was the day! From the moment I woke up I was walking on air!

At 2 o’clock we left our villa to go to Australia from California in our privet jet. It took us a whole day to get there, we were shattered and our concert was in 2 hours! Practicing is not much fun but you really need it.

Arriving at the concert was a blur; I can’t remember what happened. When the concert was about to start our manager Lola Cripps jumped on stage and shouted “Let’s here it for… FIRE and ICE performing there hit song Fire and Ice (AKA Waka Waka) then one of the crew ran on stage and whispered “Lola you were way off your queue! The girls are still getting changed. Just stall the audience!” Meanwhile we were back stage getting changed in to our costumes. Which were… red tops with green and yellow tassels, a matching blue and black skirts with black wedges (we were meant to look like the South African flag). We walked on in the middle of Lola’s explanation of what inspired us.

Wow! There are 1500 people staring at me and my fellow band companions. Surprisingly nothing wrong happened to me when I was playing my electric guitar but my older sister (Lizzie) jumped on stage and started playing the guitar (it was my spare I wasn’t very happy with her).

The after party was a blast. The best thing about it as none of the non-invited fans tried to sneak in! This was great.

I am starting to fall asleep know so goodnight

Laura over and out…

Ps. We are backing the jet now.

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