Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ice C's Biography

Izzy Cole (Ice C) was welcomed into the world on the 7th of April 2000 in California. She had a little sister called Lizzy Her parents, Stewart (a banker) and Abby (ex-keyboard sensation with Fire and Ice), were sure that Izzy would fulfill her mother’s dream; she did, turning into a mega-pop sensation at the age of 15.

Her mother says: ‘She always loved playing the miniature keyboard when she was a little girl and that’s when I knew she would be like me.’

Izzy’s first nursery was called ‘Moms and Tots’ however she didn’t stay there long because of an incident involving a drum kit!

Izzy had spotted the drum kit and she was eager to try a new instrument. When no one was looking she toddled out of her seat over to the drum kit. There were no sticks so she improvised and she used her head (literally). Her little head got stuck in the drum. Not surprisingly, the music teacher was furious and she was asked not to return again. Just for using her head!

For primary school she went to West High Primary then moved to Hollywood Performing Arts School. Hollywood Arts (which followed through to university and hoping to make it big in the charts.) was an amazing experience for a talented musician like Izzy. After a few months in the school, Izzy was very popular with friends but unpopular with teachers except for music teachers. Music was so much fun for a teenager like Izzy. One day Izzy was so excited to play the keyboard that she played over 10 songs, the class (and the teacher) went wild.

Izzy - Ice C, Flora - Flame, Seleste - Snowball, Sydney - Snowstorm and Laura – Lava, all became Fire and Ice at the age of 15. They tried every talent show without success, but they always tried their hardest

Fire and Ice was originally Izzy’s and the other band member’s mothers. They were destined to be friends. Their first hit song was Fire and Ice which hit the charts and their first album was also called Fire and Ice. They earned the award for being the band to stay together longest. Izzy won the award for youngest keyboard player of 2016 and still holds the record. She has written over 50 songs and her band plays half of them. Izzy has loved keyboard her whole life. Her band was discovered when they played their mother's hit song. Their first concert was Australia when she was 17. It was a blast. They made a lot of money but they gave it to charity.

Who knows what further fame, fortune and success await Isabella Cole…

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