Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lava's Biography

Laura Forey (A.K.A Lava) was born on the 13th April 2000 in Fair Heaven, Australia but moved to California at the age of 1. She had a mum called Maddie, a dad called Richard (he owned his own book store in their garage) and an older sister called Lizzie.

Laura grew up liking the sun and sea, but didn’t see much of it - her domineering mum kept her busy all the time in order to stop Laura from disturbing her mum’s band practices with the other mums. There was an urge to meet the other mystery daughters; Laura eventually managed to meet them at one of her mums band practices (with the other mums) were she met her fellow band companions: Izzy Cole (the keyboardist), Flora Blake (the drummer) , Seleste Hunter (lead singer) and Sydney Adams(lead singer).

They all went to ABC nursery and never stayed apart. Although they seemed sweet and innocent, they were always getting into trouble (such as breaking instruments and writing graffiti!). They then carried on to their elementary school (West High), then HollyWood Academy of Performing Arts (which followed through to university) . She loved music and acting but was hated by the teachers at Hollywood arts.

When they were 17 years old they launched their first album called Fire and Ice with their hit song Fire and Ice and their first concert the same year. They have won the following awards: The longest lasting band award (they won it at 40 years and they are still going to this day) and they also won the World’s best known hit! Long live Fire and Ice!

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